i gots the hini.

image from here.

around these parts when people get the flu
they are automatically quarantined to their
homes/apartments because every flu is treated
like the hini ("hi-nee", h1n1 virus, swine flu)
because so many people were getting it and having
the test done and the labs were full so now
everything = the hini, no tests needed.

peeps in school are dropping like flies.
last week there were like 1 or 2 people missing in
each class. i hear that this week it was half of classes.
(i say i hear because i couldn't go. i've been banned.
not that i wanted to go, the hini put me down—and
i mean down.)

yep. i gots the hini. (or something that looks just like it.)

so once again i smell like lysol (sure hope my
buddy doesn't get what got me.) and i have
become the best of friends with my box of puffs
plus (only the best kleenex known to man).

it snowed last night and a little today. it looks like a
winter wonderland outside so i have embraced the whiteness
and pulled out my holiday movies and music. (sorry to all
you anti-christmas-anything-before-thanksgiving-is-over
peeps. it looks like christmas and i'm sick. it's the only thing
that is taking my mind off all i have missed in my classes.
please pass the jingle bells.)


jasmine said...

booo on the hini! sorry it got you. :( i think your christmas music/movie plan is a an excellent one and will probably foster a speedy recovery. feel better!

Battfam said...

Uncle Al has been playing Christmas music for the past couple of days, so he's on your team. Hope you have a speedy recovery, but not so speedy you don't get to enjoy your music and movies.

the h fam. said...

i love christmas music. i'm SO sorry you're sick and i'm sorry i don't get to see you tomorrow, but i'm not sorry you're staying home to keep us all from getting sick, for that...thanks! i really hope your buddy doesn't get sick either. i hope both my buddies miss the sickness boat. feel better ger bear!

Lucy said...

So sorry that you got the sickness. Hope it doesn't linger longer!

Annette said...

Sorry! I'm glad that you can depend on the cheeriness of Christmas to get you through the yuck. Feel better soon!

Cassie said...

Sorry you've been sick. I really hope Jas doesn't get it too.
We too have had Christmas music this past week. Not because of snow (it was 78° yesterday...a front from the Gulf Coast warmed us up nicely) but just because mid-October = the start of Christmas music at out house.

So Deck your Halls with cans of Lysol and get well soon!!