and a bottle of soda

did i ever mention that i hate mondays?

well, i do.

jason had an interview in southern cal today.
and he says it went so great. sooo great.
he also said it's like 60 degrees there
and peeps are thinking it's a bit chilly.
not sure what it was today but i had on
my ascot + pea coat and was wishing
for mittens. i think i could live with
chilly = 60 degrees.
pretty sure i could handle that.

today i woke up at 6:30 to do what i should
have done this weekend (but put off. duh.)
and until about 30 mins. ago i was running
around with sweat rings under my arms.
(sick, i know. but true.)

so now i'm in need of a little RandR
and maybe a bottle of coke.
and maybe i miss my buddy.
a lot.

can i just tell you that it took me about 10 min
of trying to pry off the little cap before i went
for the pliers? i even got a bloody knuckle.

good thing this is probably the
best tasting coke i've ever had.
(no kidding. coke in bottle = fantastic!)

p.s. at this moment i'm listening to my neighbor
(we share a wall) belt out miley cyrus, party in the usa.
not my fave song. but no doubt stuck in my head.

ahhh well. what do ya do?


Lucy said...

Hey, when does he get home? Glad it went well. My day on the phone with Qwest was not my favorite. I think I hate Qwest.

jasmine said...

it WAS chilly here today! haha! what part of southern california was he interviewing in? that's so exciting!!

and now i will have that miley cyrus song stuck in my head! have you seen this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ezfk7s1NyY)? it makes the song so much more bearable. love those guys!

jason said...

Hey bud! I'm just chillin in SoCal in the library here at SCCO doing my Calculus homework! We need to go on a real vacation one of these days. Miss ya.

Bobbi said...

"I'm shaking my head like yeah...swinging my hips like yeah.."
Is that how the song goes? I ALWAYS have that song in my head.
Your soda looks delicous.
So glad for Jason on the interview going well!

Attitude of Gratitude said...

we just had this conversation yesterday with some friends about how if you're from Vegas or California you call it 'soda', if you're from Idaho or Utah 'pop' and if you are from the south it is always referred to as 'coke' be it sprite, pepsi, or what have you. i'm sure you wanted to know that. . .anywho, you disproved our hypothesizing (pretty sure not a real world, but I like it).

Annette said...

Glad the interview went well! Sometimes it takes the challenge of opening the stupid bottle that makes it taste EXTRA good!

Not my favorite song either, but I must say I would enjoy hearing my neighbor belt it out! Ü

the h fam. said...

ben and i rock out to that song on a daily basis. i like it, though it is gettin old fast. we need a new rockin out song in the car. glad interviews goin well, glad you love your bottle of coke, and sorry you miss your buddy. absence makes the heart grow stronger!

Battfam said...

So it looks like you might be heading for California? Would it be soon? Sounds like an adventure!
Too bad about the knuckle. I hate bloody knuckles.