after almost 2 years

i finally got a wreath on our door.
i've been wanting one since the beginning.

it greets us every time we walk in the door.
and i always say, "hello pretty wreath." and
jason does a little curtesy laugh and then we
go inside, drop our 50 lb backpacks and sigh
because we've made it through another day.

jason says that i'm not allowed to make my
own schedule next semester without supervision.
i think i second that motion.
it is quite a doozy.

anyway, i love my wreath. it's a nice addition to
my life. my mom's quite the master of the ribbon
'aint she? i think the bow's pretty rockin. if you
like that, i think you better get your little self over
to mini bazaar before the show's over!
(it ends oct. 17)
(christmas show starts nov. 11)

it's freakin freezing now, p.s, and at the front
of next week jas gets to go to cali. (soooo wish
i was hoppin on that plane too!) i'm thinkin
southern cal looks better and better every day.


Haley and Jon said...

oh i like your wreath. i have wanted one for a long time. so jason is taking the whole week off huh? not fun for you. sorry.

Battfam said...

Real pretty. Fall wreaths are the best!

Cassie said...

Wreaths are great, and Aunt Millie is right...."fall wreaths are the best!"

the h fam. said...

i want your wreath.

Lucy said...

That is one great bow! Sorry about your not trip to Cali.
Happy about Jason's though!

Anonymous said...

I love wreaths, too! Such a wonderful way to welcome people.