while i did my homework

i watched the biggest loser.

and made a batch of rice crispy treats.
i ate some. then i felt a tad guilty for eating
marshmallowy-goodness while those
peeps on t.v. were sweating hard core
and getting yelled at.

oh well.

p.s. that was the very last box from this experience.
(go ahead. give us a little pat on the back.)


lauren said...

YUMMMMM!!! Those look so awesome! I LOVE rice krispy treats!! If you EVER get sick of them...I will personally take them off your hands! :)

Becca's Blog said...

I like your kind of homework. Sounds fun! And rice crispie treats sound pretty delicious right now.

Lucy said...

Trying to use up your 12 boxes of Rice Crspies???? Oh, yea, that was me. I am down to one box, though.

Cassie said...

I watched TBL too. Kind of an emotional tonight. Did you get your homework done?

Unknown said...

yummmm homemade rice crispie treats are the best. i like them when they are still warm and aren't shaped yet!

mckenzie said...

YUM!! I think I will go make some now!

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

that is the greatest way to watch biggest loser...haha!