today we got mail

well. jason got mail.
i got adds and ink for our printer.

(but jason's mail was super
exciting so all is well. of course.)

we heard back from the first optometry school!
Pennsylvania College of Optometry (20 min from Philly)
(first one to hear from, second school of choice)
and jason got an invitation to interview.

we maybe jumped up and down and giggled
and sang a few songs and stuff. i think we're pumped.

p.s. i think packages in the mail are one
of the happiest things ever. (i even love
the way they smell. don't judge me.)

p.p.s. we have come to the conclusion that
corn dogs warmed in micro for 1 min. 20 sec.
then cooked in pre-heated toaster oven = one
extra special little corn dog. (this was jason's
epiphany tonight as i served him dinner. that's
right corn dogs for dinner. again, don't judge me.
we're students, we're supposed to eat crap sometimes.)


Unknown said...

congrats!! exciting exciting!

Audrey said...

YAY for Jason! And I thought you guys had Arby's tonight?!?! hmmmm did you have both?

Unknown said...

i had arby's (reg. roast beef w/2 packets of arby's sauce please.) jason opted for 2 corn dogs.

Carol said...

Geri, I was looking at your list of "peeps" and saw that you know Justin and Annette Moss. How do you know them? Its a small world - Justin and Annette grew up in the same town that we lived in up Montana. Justin graduated with my oldest daughter and his parents are our really good friends. Anyway I just thought that you would enjoy that little tidbit. Love your blog. :)

Carol said...

Oh and my daughters husband just graduated from dental school in Philly and they loved living there. It is a lot different out there but they really loved their ward and the people. It is also close to Wash DC and New York City and the Atlantic Coast. Good luck in whatever you decide to do and where ever you end up going!!

Becca's Blog said...

I hope you guys at least had a few baby carrots with your dinner. You can add baby carrots to any unhealthy meal and still come out feeling good about yourself.

And congrats to Jason. Good luck with your interview!

Cassie said...

Only 8 hours from you oldest sister! Wouldn't that be so great?

Lucy said...

Once again, "WAY TO GO, JASON". Exciting times in the life.
(didn't judge you at all)

Annette said...

Hey, congrats!That would be quite the move, so exciting!! I was reading the other comments, and noticed Carol's comment. I saw her on your list too, I asked Justin if he knew how the two of you know each other. What a small world!

Michaela said...

Ooh thats so exciting! Congrats! I LOVED PA!! I'm hoping Jordan goes to grad school over there :) You know the beach isn't too far of a drive from there!

the h fam. said...

yay for jason and corn dogs!! that's exciting! that'll be sad to have you guys so far away, but you'll be back :)! keep us posted!

ashley mikell said...

Congrats Jas!!!!!
And.... you are MORE than welcome to accompany us to J-Dawgs! Yum! And paleeeze call when you come down conference weekend! We would love to hang out!

Esther Diehl said...

Oh Lovely! Super congrats!

Isn't life so exciting? My husband is applying to Osteopathic (Medical) Schools right now and we're so excited about the next step of life. I can't wait to hear about y'alls success!