ok. so now

we've heard back from our first choice school

(SCCO=southern cali=love) and they invited jas
for an interview there. (hip hip!) we're pumped.

this time the celebratory pumpedness did not

include dancing and giggling. we were in the
library and that's uncalled for there. (SCCO sent
an e-mail. i preferred the mail-mail. but i don't
think jason cared very much. mail-mail is just
so00 much more exciting.)

he'll fly out to interview mid-october (for both).

sidenote: i hate wednesdays.
i have class from 7:30(am) to 8(pm) on wednesdays.
an hour break from 10–11. when's a girl
supposed to eat lunch in a day like that?
but thursdays i get to sleep in. so everything is ok.
sidenote again: i finished the last few pages of a
book i have been reading (has to do with a certain
time traveler... and maybe his wife...)

and i bawled. seriously. tears streaming.
it was almost embarrassing.

i don't know if i can handle the movie.

(pretty sure i wouldn't recommend it.
it made me blush quite a few times. and
said some really naughty words. i wish
books had a rating system like movies.
that would be pretty nice.)


Unknown said...

Yay! So excited for you and Jason!

Also, I read the same book. And felt the same way. Good story but a little more detail than I need.

Adam,Emily, Paisley, Hayden, and Landon said...

oh man I have yet to read the book but saw the movie cried like a baby, rach came and even shed a few tears( very un-rach like). but I did read the book my sisters keeper, cried but also said naughty word, and last but not least...

CONGRATS COUSIN!WE ARE SOOOO VERY PROUD OF YOU, WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! LOVE YOU LOTS! ( did that get my point across, how proud we are?)

p.s. when are we suppose to work out with a schdule like that?

Audrey said...

Ok so I did see the movie and I have to say.... not a fan! I went with a bunch of other ladies and maybe we were being too silly and missed the key parts or something but I may have to ask you a few hundred questions about it.
Also, congrats to Jason. I vote for the Pens one cuz I wanna go back east to visit ya and you can be close to Cassie BUT So Cal is quite nice and we would probably come visit (disney land) I mean YOU GUYS often!!
P.S. Your Wednesdays sounds like our mom's EVERYDAY! busy busy

Unknown said...

Congrats on the schools...what exciting adventures await you all...I've never been to careful with what I read...I did read that book to and even though I forget a lot of the "bad" parts when I read, I do remember this book being a little racy....I don't remember crying in this book...?? Maybe I'll have to see the movie...however, my students told me there are a lot of bare bums...ha!(If you read the book...you will know what I mean!

Amber said...

YAY! How exciting! I would totally choose so cal over pennsylvania any day! Good luck Jason! And don't worry about crying over books, that just means they were really awesome and you totally got wrapped up in the story.. which is the only way to go. If it makes you feel better I cried at the end of the 6th Harry Potter book.. Seriously, tears streaming down my face. :)

Unknown said...

That is GREAT news!! Congrats to the smart guy in the family. :)

Unknown said...

This is Bobbi...not Carter

the hawker's said...

the movie = wonderful!
take your tissues.
you'll need them for sure.

and congrats on so cal jas! can't wait to hear how this all pans out for you guys!

Battfam said...

Congrats on the invites to interview! I agree with you about the rating system idea for books. There is probably a website about it if we just knew where to look.

Lucy said...

Once again, yea for Jason!
Maybe it's a good thing that I don't read.

Cassie said...

That is good news. I hope he gets to go where he wants to. BUT it would be so fun to be closer.

I read this book about a month ago. I cried at the end too. But I really wasn't impressed. It isn't something I'd allow my daughter to read. So I guess I shouldn't have either. :o)

There is www.goodreads.com They have a rating system, but when it comes to morality, that isn't something that many people worry about these days so it isn't usually one of the first things that pops up in reviews.