so today is my birthday. and i'm legal.

i might order myself a nice, frothy, virgin pina colada.
just to celebrate my legalhood.

maybe my bud will come with me.
i hear it's not good to drink alone.

(that pineapple-guy is a fruity beverage. virgin pina colada
actually. we got him here. on our honeymoonB—honeymoonA
was during Christmas time = not so fantastic for travel.)

this year jason asked me to make him an e-mail-
birthday-wish-list complete with links/places/all-
info-needed-to-buy-the-right-thing. smart.

and getting packages in the mail is super fun.
i think we'll do this from now on.

p.s. i hear a marching band playing (practicing) out my open
window. i'm thinkin they know it's my birthday too—how
often do you hear a marching band playing outside your
window? unless you're john cusack on say anything and that
was a boom-box. so thanks to whoever arranged that for me.
that was really really thoughtful.


Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Geri Annie!!
Layne has your gift in Mud Lake. If you go to Marcee's reception you can get it from him OR he can just leave it at moms.
Much love!!!!!

Jalene said...

Happy Birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes comes true!

Caley said...

Happy Birthday Geri! Hope you have a great day! See you soon!

Battfam said...

Happy Birthday, Geri. Here legal means "cool". I guess you are now legal AND legal.

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday GerBer! Just wondering... who was the first person to call and sing a little tune to ya??? Just wonderin!
Hope it has been a wonderful day for you! Hope Jason has somethin kinda special up his sleeve!

Tyrel and Brianne Garner said...

Happy Birthday!
PS we need a last hurrah before we start school and go crazy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday deary.
Hope you had a very snazzy time.<3
L.O.V.E. MissTandy

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday to you Geri. Sorry I didn't get to see ya! Hope to see you soon.