i bought our books today

and school starts tomorrow.

i'm in denial.

at least i have cute yellow shoes to wear back to school.
(happy b-day to me. i absolutely love them. good job jas.)

there's nothing like new shoes to cure the back to school blues.


Unknown said...

those shoes are perfect!!! you are going to have a perfect day. cute new header too!

Breezie said...

Did you cry at the cash register when buying the books?.....I did.
I think I need yellow shoes now too. Maybe a yellow jacket instead. I love yellow- it makes me happy! :)

mckenzie said...

cute shoes! what photo class are you taking this semester?

Anonymous said...

Very delightful shoes! I started school today, but wore my worn out green converse. I'm afraid to get my books because I know it's going to beat up my bank account.

the hawker's said...

don't love buying books.
but i LOVE LOVE those shoes.

dear jason,
you've really outdone yourself this time.
happy belated birthday to you ger!
you know how much i love you!

(and yes, i just pushed the pay button. i'm in and i am excited.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Geri! This is Laura (Adrian's Laura). Anyway I always look at your blog. I think it's super cute. You're pictures are great! Good luck with school.

jasmine said...

oh! those shoes are adorable and SOOOO you. i got pretty lucky this semester and didn't have to buy a billion books. one of my books was $200 though...that hurt. good luck this semester!!! try to enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

L.o.v.e. those shoes. I am also the very proud owner of some spiffy bow shoes. They make me happy as can be. *smile*
Miss Tandy

Audrey said...

what size of shoe do you wear? if it is a 7.5 you may have to chain those suckers up... i may be stealing them soon!

Shokoofeh said...

These shoes are really cute!