smart me

so i'm learning lots of things
now that i'm back in school.

fact: sit in the front only if you want to feel
pressured to stay awake and alert.

fact: sit in front if you want to get a better
grade. (that's what they tell us.)

thought: i think they tell us that so we will
want to sit in front where we will feel the
pressure to stay awake. (smart.)

fact: mornings are chilly in september and
i'm a scarf girl. september and i were made
for each other.

see how much i'm learning already?
freakin genius.

my education is certainly worth the $$$ (dolla, dolla, bills) ya'll.


Unknown said...

love it! and you're lucky it's chilly there... i would love to break out the scarves but it's still in the upper eighties in charleston.

Bobbi said...

you do have lots of cute scarfs. I wore one myself today and about sweat to death in Home Depot!