house plants + babies

house plants hate me.

in our first apartment the peeps who lived there before us (curtis + jennie) left some of their homey items: dresser, a mammoth desk, table/chairs, and a house plant. i'm not sure what kind of plant it was. i guess it was one of those unkillable ones because i swore it was dead on several occasions. i water them. i put them in windows. i put them away from windows. i might water them too much, that might be an issue. somehow that plant survived its 3 months of terror with me. i was pretty proud of it.
anyway, what i'm really getting to is my lovely valentine orchid plant. killed it. had to throw it out on wednesday.
i can't keep a house plant alive. if i was a recovering alcoholic in the steps program i think i would be told i couldn't have any pets, or a relationship, or children.
people ask me about children. like when i'll be popping out a baby of our own.

this is what i (sometimes don't) say:
maybe someday.
maybe after i'm done with school.
maybe when we have more funds.
maybe when i feel brave.
maybe when we feel like it's right.
maybe when i feel a little (big) nudge from my Father in Heaven who knows the time for everything.
maybe after another house plant.

but definitely someday.
i'm very excited for someday.

as for today i'm eating doritos for breakfast. we have no milk. or anything. i guess i'll go to the store. dang.


Lucy said...

We had scrambled eggs with a little cheese, OJ, toast, and I had 3 doritos........too.
Audrey thinks you will have a red headed baby..........when you get ready to have one.

Cassie said...

Geri, I must let you know that the questions will never stop.

After you have your first one they say, "When will have another one?" After the second one they say, "Are you going to try for number three?" After the third one they say, "Wow, you're having another baby?!" After the forth one they say, "So, are you guys done or do you still plan on more kids?"

I'm telling the 100% truth.

I have to get to the store myself. We don't have bread, milk, or chips.

Anonymous said...

haha, I'm totally the same way with plants! Outdoor gardens I'm fine with and enjoy taking care of, but indoor plants seem to give up on me right away.

My husband and I have been married for two years and tons of people ask questions about babies, like when are we going to "start a family?" I tell them we already have a family, and it's lovely. Some day we plan to expand, but for right now we're enjoying our life as God has planned it - moment by moment.

Scott and Lindsey said...

I always kill my house plants. Even succulents, which are supposed to be impossible to kill. At least the dog is still alive.