game of guts and luck

we love road trips, road trips are fun.
and it was so exciting to see these fellas.
(photos tomorrow maybe.)

before we left i shoved this little game in my purse. because
we are nerdy-gamers and because it's our latest game of choice.
farkle. "the game of guts and luck." we maybe played it wrong the first
time and it was way boring (no guts, no luck involved). then we
(someone other than me) read the directions a little better and we
played it right and it was fun! and all about being gutsy + lucky.

anyway, keeping a game in your purse can be nice and handy.
we played it while waiting for our dinner at PF Chang's,
we played it while waiting for our dinner at a cute little
pizza place in Sea Side, and it became quite the noise maker
for gannon when things got a little boring for the little man.

and (this part is sort of a secret)

jason and i played it (almost) all the way home.
(that's about 12 hrs.)

it can be done.

p.s. we need a new game now.
(obviously. 12 hrs. can do that to you.)
looking for a new fun one that doesn't
take lots of brain power or strategy.
any suggestions?


Lucy said...

Did you all ready try the name game, etc? Never tried Farkle, myself.

Cassie said...

Try the game Blink. It is in the game section hanging by Phase 10, Uno and all of those. Fun & fast!

Bobbi said...

I still love Qwirkle. I don't know if you could play it very well in the car though.

Battfam said...

I'm putting that game on my Christmas list as soon as I start it. I am looking for games of numbers, nothing that involves a lot of language skills. Any ideas on that anybody? Sorry to hog into your blog, Geri.

the hawker's said...

i've heard of this game! {farkle}
it's a fave to all.
maybe i should try it out sometime.