dear port-land,

we had a fantastic time.
dear jonny + haley,
we seriously loved our little visit. we did so many
fun things and got to spend some super quality
time togetha. we loved it and we loved playing with
gannon. he's even cuter in person. (didn't know that
was possible.) we're so excited to see you at
thanksgiving time!

dear oregon windmill committee,
i don't know if you know this, but all the windmills
on I-84 between idaho and oregon are really pretty.
but the big-over-sized-load semis carrying the bases
are sort of scary and not very fun to share the road with.

you behaved quite nicely all the way home. i wondered
if a 12 hour car ride with you was not going to be my
smartest idea, but you did not smell up my car or my
feet. i think a bath did you good.

dear haley,
i'm never going back to those other mascaras again.
this stuff is magic. no flakes. no smudges. stays on
like new all day long. and my oh-so-itchy-eyes are not
so itchy any longer. well, kind of. thanks a mil.


Haley and Jon said...

We had a ton of fun too! Thanks for coming. You are welcome any time.I'm glad the mascara is working. I LOVE it. It is well worth the $10. A couple dollars really does make a difference.

Audrey said...

hmmmm i am gonna have to give that mascara a go! i don't love mine and it is 3times that!
one question though... is it buggy to put 2 things on (the base and the mascara) or am i just being lazy?

Tyrel and Brianne Garner said...

Im so jealous we couldnt make it it looks like you had fun!