carnival bride

just up on orchid.

better check it out.

p.s. i so didn't make her go down that slide.
totally her idea. but i loved it just the same.

p.p.s did anyone notice that halloween candy
is here? i brought home a bag of candy corns.
just because they're my fave.


jason said...

I must say that the carnies were quite friendly and accommodating to you two. I do kind of envy their lives... I mean they get to travel from small town to small town making lots of people happy. I don't however envy their hygiene. They're a smelly lot.

Lucy said...

Very fun pics, too.
I think the carnies are quite scary, usually.

Kim said...

Geri, you should come to the art weekend. If we weren't living in a basement while we build a house I'd invite you to stay here. I think I'm going to take the screenprinting class on Friday morning since I already took a four week photography class with her, and know the photoshop/illustrator stuff already. We are leaving to go to Disneyworld on the Friday -- otherwise I'd take more.