because she was purple and calling my name.

i know what you're thinking, but i couldn't resist.

i saw this little lady on my way to class today.
i love orchids. i think they are irresistible. (obviously)
they have been my favorite flower for a very long time.

i talked to the girl who was selling this pretty purpley
one. she told me all about the proper care and feeing
of orchids. let's just say my new little purple friend is
very high maintenance. i still think we can get along.

but she came pre-potted so i think i can deal.

so let's go for a round two.

maybe if she lives we can talk babies.


Battfam said...

Way to not give up, Geri. It took me two maidenhair ferns, my favorite plant, before I quit them forever. (I just didn't want to kill another one.) Then I bought quite a nice artificial one at Mini and it has fulfilled my needs. If things don't work out with your new purchase, you can always check Mini for a suitable plastic model.

the h fam. said...

so pics on tuesday or what my dear? i'm getting excited!
oh and i love the orchid. a high maintenance plant will definitely be a good test for the whole kid situation!

Lucy said...

very pretty.....keep us posted on how she thrives.

Mandy said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I think it is so lovely.
You and your husband seem to have an adorable life.

p.s. I love orchids too!