about teeth

if you had/have/going-to-have
braces here is some fab advice.

get a built-in-retainer.

you probably won't wear the one
you have to put in every night.
and if the built-in-one gets
loose/broken get it fixed.

because teeth move.
and that's how life goes.

i got a removable one. it's green and
has white and yellow daisies on it.
i wore it the night before last night
(because i noticed some, maybe
more than some, shifting going on
in there) and my teeth still hurt.

the end.


Bobbi said...

What a cute picture of you two! I think you both have pretty fantastic teeth :>

Lucy said...

Hey, good teeth. I saw some yesterday that weren't that good.
But, you better do what your dentist says.
Um, who is your dentist?

Cassie said...

I agree with Bobbi. This is a great pic of you two.