who me??

i never win free stuff. ever, ever.

but today was my dididay!

totally won this little giveaway on rockstar.
(can't be-lieve how pumped i am.)

check out the YarnOverMovement here.
i'm also crazy about this & this & this.

p.s. no these are not my glasses. they are some
more from jason's service project. i did a round 2
of photos before he took them away forever (that
was a sad day). would anyone be opposed to a round 2?


dani said...

YAY! you won the giveaway on rockstar diaries! congrats:)

dani said...

ok so i have to admit, i read your post after i commented but whatever. that's still exciting!

Unknown said...

that's exciting!! and i would lovee to have a round two! i'm a FAN.

Jalene said...

I saw that you won! Congrats! It's so super cute. Lucky!

jasmine said...

hip hip hooray for winning! congratulations, geri!! :)

Bobbi said...

Hey-you look like the secretary from the movie 9 to 5 !! :)
Congrats on your winnings. I never win anything either.

the hawker's said...

lucky duck!

Lucy said...

I told you that you should buy a lottery ticket!

Battfam said...

Way to win, Ger! You will probably figure out something fun to wear that with too.

lauren said...

Ger..you crack me up! And you looked super duper cute today at the bridal shower! Oh and P.S. Did I mention I LOVE Brian Reagan???? That little tidbit is for your previous post! :D

Charlie in Bali said...

great look
love it
congrats on the giveaway by the way

Julia said...

I really think that picture is really quite cute.