we went to the beach

at the lake. not the ocean.

(but i really like the ocean.)
at this beachy lake the water never
does come above your thigh. nice.

and little kiddies build really awesome sand castle villages.
(check out the little trees on that sand-mountain
and the little bridge over the moat behind the first
castle. whoever built that baby is one talented kid.)

and jason feels the need to strike fabulous
model poses, while sending out the vibe.
(soooo talented.)

this is a great beachy lake. i should come here more often.


Unknown said...

such beautiful photos, as always. looks like a perfect day.

Haley and Jon said...

Egin lake? I love Egin lake!! There is a spot that is actually up to your chest. Its a little walk though. Great for swimming or floating on a bed. Egin lake is one thing I miss about Rexburg summers.

Unknown said...

The beach is always fun! Beautiful pics! Good thing you married a model, huh? ;)

Lucy said...

Jason is getting into this, heh?
Nice water pix.