small town USA

mud lake.

my home town really is small town USA.
and i'm not sure if there is any place better.

all my life the mud lake fair and rodeo = the beginning of the end of summer.

delicious taco salads (as well as every other fair
food you desire. including mini doughnuts.)

real cowboys.

and rodeo tickets for $1.

required listening:


C & S said...

These pictures say it all about small towns! My little brother is showing a steer in the fair at my hometown this weekend!

Lucy said...

I've always thought I didn't really like the fair, but I decided I do like the fair....(for one day)

Bobbi said...

I had the BEST tomalle, enchilada with rice and beans EVER there! All for $6.00

Audrey said...

YeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Gonna miss little ol' Mud Lake! My friends mom acidentaly called it Dirty River once....hehe

lauren said...

AAAHHHH!!!! I heart Mud Lake and you looked STINKIN CUTE after the parade! I just can't get enough of the fair! Why doesn't it last a month?? It could lose the $8 entry for the rodeo though...that's bogus.