i'm a celebrity, get me out of here

anyone watch that on nbc?
anyone heard the fab theme rap?
(didn't purchase that one on i-tunes.
didn't want to.)

so anyway, we are heading on out.
and pretty pumped about it.

it's time for another road-trip.
(enough time has passed since the last
time we went on a big, long drive so the
idea sounded fun again.)
plus we get to hang out with him.
(and his mom + dad. they're fun too.)
and i think we'll go to a beach.
(at the ocean. i like the ocean.)

we've got a good book.
(jason and i read books together. i read
while he brushes his teeth, he reads while
i brush mine. it works out quite nicely.)
i've got several little projects
that are ready and waiting.
(i've always been a project girl.)
our bed is made + clean.
(i have to have a clean/made bed if i'm going
to be leaving for a trip.)
no dishes in the sink.
(another must-do-before-leaving. those babies
could create much reekage if not taken care of.)
now i just need to find a bag to
pack some clothes + undies and we
will be good to go.

p.s. it has been BE–utiful for the past
few days. and the weather man said it
was going to be all rain and no sun. some
people say never to trust the weather
report. i say i need to find a new weather man.
p.p.s. i like movies that make me giggle.
17again makes me giggle.
p.p.p.s. jason may or may not want to kill me
for putting that photo of him on here. but i
think he's cute.


Audrey said...

I think he looks cute too... nice teeth Jason! His hair looks more florecent than it normally is though (it isn't florecent at all actually)
Hey, I just redboxed 17Again like an hour ago... can't wait to see it!
Have fun on your road trip and take lots of treats and munchies! It isn't a FUN road trip with out them! Be safe and crank the tunes too... that is always fun!

Bobbi said...

I really like 17Again. I liked the part when he spun the ball on his pinky finger!! :)
Have a great trip and enjoy the ocean. lucky duck

Lucy said...

Have a fun trip, you two! Those are some great teeth, by the way.
(I didn't like the celebrity song, though)

the h fam. said...

have fun!! maybe i'll have a baby by the time you get back!! :)

mckenzie said...

My hubby and I picked up on your book reading! We love it! Have fun!

jasmine said...

oooo! yay for road trips and reading books together. how cute!