we went to the carnival this weekend.

i brought my camera bag (of course).

i made friends with the carnival workers. (some more scary
than others—i liked the guy in the blue shirt. he was funny.)
when i went back the next night for a bridal shoot (so pumped
about that!!) they all remembered me and let me do pretty
much whatever i wanted around the rides and stands and such.

being nice matters.

the end.

p.s. i posted more photos from our date at the carnival on orchid.
photos from the bridal shoot to come. (can't wait!)


the h fam. said...

you're such a babe.

Unknown said...

you're so beautiful Geri. i could look at you all day. seriously.

and i LOVE this style of photography...it's reminiscent of the film age... <3

Lucy said...

Hey, that guy has the same expression on his face as little Coley did on the 4th of July!
and...being nice does matter.
fun pix

Jalene said...

Just thought I should tell you that you are very pretty... and I love your blog. That is all. :)

Bobbi said...

I Love the photo of the guy in the blue shirt. Priceless!!
He reminds me of a guy Jared works with out at the INL named Dave.
See you Wednesday :)

Audrey said...

I too love the Carny guy! Pretty cool that he looks like he quite enjoys his job! I love that he told you he was photogenic too!
Looks and sounds like you guys had fun! See ya next week at the Blackfoot fair?? jk
Good pics and you both look cute in your pics.

Unknown said...

i'm in love with your blog.. everything on it is just so beautiful!! can't wait for the bridal shoot photos!