the first who smelt it...

i played mommy the last few days.
and it's hard work.

*my sissie +her hub went to NYC for about
4(ish) days, i watched the 3 kiddos for 2

anyway, jason was there for breakfast yesterday
morning and as i was unloading/loading the (nice)
dishwasher (nice dishwashers make a big difference
in my life. can't wait for a nice one. oh someday. and
someday i'll get a washer/dryer in my living quarters.
that'll be something to celebrate.) i overheard a little
convo between jason and cole (3 yr-old who says "oy"
for the r sound and has a bit of an unexplainable accent
as well. i hope he never grows out of it. well. i hope he
doesn't grow out of it for a while. he might get teased
about the "oy"s if it continues throughout his h.s. career.)

*oh! the whole reason for this covo maybe started with a
(pretty big) toot (or fart, or whatever you call it) coming
from jason's chair at the breakfast table:

cole: (pretty impressed) ahhh! you foyted. (laughing)
jason: i did? (pretending to be shocked)

about 1/2 of a second passed by...

cole: ewe! you smell like a mohawk!
go drink your milk somewhere else!

i guess ya can't slip anything by that one.
and i'm not sure what a mohawk smells like,
but i'm thinkin it's pretty bad.


Sarah Alaoui said...

hahaha awawwww

Amber said...

HAHAHA I love it! gotta love little kids! I'd be fascinated to learn what a mohawk is... besides the hairdo :)

the h fam. said...

:) kids are so funny!

Lucy said...

Pretty funny little fellow!

Carol said...

Kids say the darndest things! How funny!

Audrey said...

The best part of that whole convy... is I can totally hear that little dude saying it!
Thanks for watching them Geri and Jason! I hope there wasn't too many "interesting" things said... boys think weird things are FUNNY!

Rowbury Adventures said...

haha that is such a funny story little kids are soo hilarious sometimes!

jasmine said...

ahahahha! a mohawk?? i love it. kids are so delightfully weird.

i can't wait to have my own washer and dryer INSIDE my house one day either. that's like the ultimate luxury!

lauren said...

BWAhahahaha...that is hilarious! Jake is SO curious to know what a mohawk smells like!!! :)