oh sara

just finished editing photos
from this grad session yesterday:

and totally enjoyed ever minute of it.
hop ova to orchid to view the total package.

p.s. jason took the beast-of-a-test on
monday and rocked it. (i knew he would
you can't study for a month straight and
not rock. that's what i say.) good job bud.


Lucy said...

Gotta love that Jason! (what a studier!)

the h fam. said...

go jason, go jason, go!! pics are rockin!

Unknown said...

congratulations to jason, that's really exciting!! lovely photos.

annie said...

really, who gave her permission to be hot. i'm the hot one the in the family. sheesh.
good work jaser -- you should take a break and come see us :)

Battfam said...

Good job, Jason. Good job, Geri. I am glad for your accomplishments!

Maggie said...

Yay Jason! hey, ask him if he'll teach me some of his study habits. I'm in desperate need of some suggestions!
Once again Ger SUCCESS for you! the pics look fantastic!
Love ya -

Bobbi said...

Sarah is a Beauty!! Good job on the photos Geri.
CONGRATS to Jason. He is such a hard worker :)