i'm a fan of chewy-candy.

so is jason.

i'm pretty sure that's why i find little chewy-candy wrappers all
around our apartment (particularly between the couch cushions.)

mambas and tootsie rolls seem to be the candies of choice these days.

as i was picking them up to put them in the garbage i realized how
cute all of the wrappers looked together. and that's when i remembered
making candy-wrapper-chains. i spent many a sunday making these
little fellas in church. (this was a long time ago of course. i'm so much
more mature these days.)

i hope i never really grow up. kids seriously know how to have much
more fun. and they're way more creative than boring old grownups.

just a thought.


Mardi said...

Um, I'm prtty sure it was your dad that taught me how to make those - and I also think I saw him doing it during church too.

Cassie said...

ah, I feel a little guilty. When I was home about six or so summers ago I was claning out the den and tossed TONS of those chains in the garbage. Sorry if they were important to you.

Lucy said...

Never did learn to make them myself.

jasmine said...

haha! i still have one of these chains that a friend made for me in high school. it was a particularly beautiful little chain.

i love chewy candies too. tootsie rolls are soooo good. i like when they get a little bit warm and squishy...like if they've been in your pocket. yummm.

Jordan said...

Ger-bear, you are so funny and we miss you two. Ash wants me to teach her how to make wrapper chains. You are such a great role model. (Now I get to buy a bag of starbursts...Perfect!)

Esther Diehl said...

I love Starburst.

Especially the Baja California flavors.

I like your candy chain!