4 tacos. $4.

jason studies all day every day.
stupid O-AT.
(optometry admissions test)

today i took him on a date for lunch.
because everybody needs a break from studying.
even if you are mr. super-studier. (10 hrs. a day. gag.)

we went to the taco bus because
we have heard how delicious it is.

i thought it was pretty much darling.

and it was magically delicious.
no lie.

i've always tried to like taco wagons. but i'm usually
too scared about what it is i might be eating.... but the
taco bus was tasty tasty. so was the pinapple drink.

it was way clean too.
(and i believe that's just as important as tasty.)

and there was complimentary old-school cartoons on tv up front.

in spanish.



Lucy said...

I am also scared of taco buses. Mostly because I think they sell drugs there.
Maybe not that one, though.

Audrey said...

Lane said "told ya so!"

Scott and Lindsey said...

I'm a firm believer is the clean = to tasty as well. Loos fun, but the bloody fluids clean up kit is slightly disturbing.

the h fam. said...

that's a long bus! where is it located? ben loves those taco wagons, but they still freak me out!

Michaela said...

Looks yummy! Is that in Rexburg? I'll have to try it when I get back into town :)


im scared to eat there! to many people i know have gotten food poisoning

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! i love the taco bus :) my friends and i went there for lunch on the first day of school. i was totally gonna tell you guys about it. glad to see you know it exists!
~karli shae