today i learned how to use draino.

jason did some magic with a wire hanger. he also
may or may not have pulled out a thick chunk of
long dark hair, slightly resembling a ferret, from
the drain. i'm blonde. not my hair. oh the joys of
apartment living. (jason still can't talk about
it. i'm just happy he did the duty. he says he
needs a new duty.)

p.s. i'm so into summer right now. 
it's my most favorite thing ever.


Battfam said...

I almost gagged when I read about the ferret. I really do not like plumbing problems. Sorry you guys had to deal with it.

Lucy said...

So did you have to use Draino, too? Glad you found the culprit,though.

Cassie said...

That almost make me puke thinking about him pulling things up with a hanger.

Unknown said...

uggghhh eating when i read this!! hahaha...
clogged drains are the worst things in the world!

Carol said...

ugghhhhhhhh .......that is down right gross!!!!!! Glad you got it fixed!!! And so glad that you are now enjoying summer with school over. Love your blog!!

Haley and Jon said...

Next time use Hair Away. It work like a charm. Also, if your tub is clogged, most likely your bathroom sink has a bunch of hair in it. Always best to do them at the same time...Do I sound like an Apartment Manager or what?

Bobbi said...

I hate bathtub hair! Good thing Jason is a tuffy.
I hope you can have a nice shower now.

Unknown said...

Sick! The joys of apartment life, I do not miss them.