the time i forgot my camera...

so many things i wanted to take pictures of
and of course there was an amazing sunset.
i always bring my camera along. 
i was totally kicking myself.

moral: remember your dang camera.

but i was pretty happy with the photo i snagged from the 
camera on my phone. the sun rays, the little red car driving
through, the green grass. that was a lucky little accident.

p.s. poor little thing has suffered several drops/kicks/scratches.
still works. tough as nails. (what a gem.)


the h fam. said...

and a gem it is! i have that same phone and it has survived a whole bunch of accidents!

Rowbury Adventures said...

i had that same phone! actually i had about four of those phones and they never worked like a gem for me! haha you must have a special touch to make yours work that good!

Audrey said...

ya idiot...forgetting your camera like that! hehe
funny that you took a pic of the pic on your phone...hehe