so i have these one shoes

that make my feet smell pretty bad. (really bad.)

they're cozy. i don't want to throw 'em away. but i
also don't want to be the smelly girl in class. (or
not in class.) and sometimes during the day i feel
like i want to take my shoes off. no can do.
that's no longer an option.

i'm thinking i want to give them a bath (in the washer).

can i do that?


Lucy said...

shoes/bare feet=stinky feet.

Battfam said...

Go for it. Give them the dunk. What is there to lose because you probably won't wear them much more if they are really stinky anyway.
I have some expensive,in my book, sandal/shoes that were getting the stink. I emailed the company that makes them and they said to wash them with an antibacterial soap, like Dial. I did that. I won't say it was a total cure, but I think it helped. So maybe before you throw them in the washer you could try some kind of antibacterial spray on them.
Good luck. "Stink Shoe" is the worst!

JoshandKiri said...

geri! i found you! so, i wash running shoes in the washer all the time - with bleach - (and dry them in dryer) i have done several different pairs and have not had a problem, not even bleached color - never tried regular shoes though - try it - maybe without bleach though.

Haley and Jon said...

To prevent the stink you aren't supposed to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, and not close your closet door so they can air out. But for shoes that are already stinky, maybe put baking soda in them??

Hobley said...

i have no good advice for this post. sorry. cute shoes though. ben and i were at a bed and breakfast in salmon last fall and my shoes smelled really bad so we threw them in the trunk and went and bought a pair at a grocery store. they didn't have very many options.
i would try to wash them!