jason did a service project

and i got to try on lots of great glasses.

i guess there are peeps who want lots of glasses and jason
(being the optometry boy that he is) thought it would be such
fun to get those glasses for them... and boy did he get some great ones!

so naturally i found my faves and took pictures of myself with them.
(i also gave them little names.)

gran's glasses:
(not that my gran ever had these. maybe some similar?)

gramp's glasses:
(pretty sure my granddads didn't sport these.
but if so pa-lease show me a photo!!)

aunt birdie's glasses:

uncle delbert's glasses:
(that yellow ear-piece holds on for dear life by the way!
uncle delbert never never never had a problem with them babies slipping.)

uncle delbert's yellow ear-piece got stuck.
pretty bad actually.

cousin russell's glasses:
(wow. these beauties have a strong prescription!)
(just wanted to see if you were watching russ.)

and my eyes hurt/my head's spinning.

*if any of these were yours don't feel bad. i'm laughing with you.
(never at you.)

*i'm kinda sad i didn't have any of my bro's to share too.
(he had some fantastic ones. he also sported a mullet
when he wore them back in the day. it was totally cool.)

if you have any old glasses (they don't have to be super cool like these
shown here) please give us a holla and we can give 'em to a good cause.

and if they're really good i might have to try them on... naturally.


teamBoo said...

i love those first ones! I have sunglasses almost exactly like them :)

the hawker's said...

this may be my favorite post of all time on "little things". haha you crack me up ger!

love you guys!

Audrey said...

hey, why weren't you wearing any of the ones (3 or 4)that i donated? Was it cuz they weren't sad enough or was it cuz they were too sad?
very fun post ger... i could just hear you two giggling like a bunch of kids!

Becca's Blog said...

I love the cousin Russell glasses. Too bad he never had any glasses like that though. He did however have some that look similar to the grandpa glasses...maybe not exactly but I remember them being really round.

I remember that Toby had some glasses like the ones you call cousin Russell glasses but I think that Toby's even had auto tint...SUPER COOL!

Carol said...

Love this post Geri. Sad to say that I think I have had almost all of those glasses (or ones similar) through out my life time. Good job doing this great service - someone will aprreciate those glasses much more than you know.

Unknown said...

Lol! You should definitely look into being an eyeglass model. There is some serious potential there. :)

Unknown said...

haha i love glasses. and they all actually look so great on you! cute pictures.

Cassie said...

I have a friend that wears some 'cousin russell' glasses. I thought he had them because they were State Issued (he lives in the ID State Pen) but I must have been wrong. Unless you got those from an X-Pen dweller.

Yes, I have a friend in the Pen. Don't judge me.

Kayleen said...

you are so funny! And might I say, I enjoy the artistic flare of your silly photos.

Lucy said...

I'll bet I could come up with some really great glasses for you. I'm going to look right now!
Is Jason your photographer?? good job

jason said...

Nope! I can't take any credit for those sweet pics. I think she took them with the camera on the computer. She does look pretty hot though... especially in gramp's glasses. Don't her eyes look so BIG and beautiful?

the h fam. said...

dang i wish i had my glasses from second grade! they were tie die!! oh you would of loved them and they were just as big as gramps glasses almost.