finals. again. and camping w/super pads

i just totally burned the c.r.a.p. out of my lunch.
dang. it was one of those red baron french bread
pepperoni pizzas (not too cheap, but very tasty)
and i'm sad that i killed it. (the bottom was black)

don't worry i ate it anyway.
i'm tough.

finals have begun. let the late nights/early mornings/
i'm not as chill with the whole finals bizz like i was last
time. (oh last semester was sinchey in comparison.)

3 studio classes = 300 hours more work.

*little note to self for the future: never again are you
allowed to take 3 studio classes in a semester. and
never again are you allowed to take drawing 110. (so
you better pass.) seriously. that class is killer.

all i really wanna do is lay here for a little while longer.
sleep is really important. and people get a little grouch-myster
without it. (good luck jas.)

*buy new sheets is on the top of my to-do list next time i'm
in the big town. (tomorrow afternoon) these babies have plum
worn out. there is a hole where my feet go and sometimes i
wake up in the middle of the night a little bit stuck. it's not fun.
in fact, it makes me feel kind trashy. (should i have just told you all that?)

new sheets it is!

jason is starting to start the application process for
optometry school. (yeeks.) we're still not real sure
where we'll be headed. but somewhere warm (cali)
sounds delightful! we'll see what happens.

ward camp-out tonight. in tents. (and no we have not
yet boughten an air mattress–but we have bigger pads
this time and i've been told they're super-pads. we'll see.)

*we're not real out-doorsy-let's-go-camping-all-the-time
people. in fact, last time was the first time we set up the
tent we got for a wedding present. i guess if we had an
air mattress we could become that type of people.
seriously doubt it.

well. there's an update about our life for ya!
(hope you were looking for an update.)
give us 2 1/2 weeks and we'll be more fun. promise.


Mardi said...

Worn out sheets already? It's been like what, a whole year since you've been married? :) Guess they were cheapos. My favs are Bed, Bath, and Beyond - 100% cotton and high thread count (don't remember what number). You should become campers - it's fun. Fishing too - totally jealous you live in Idaho. :) By the way, if you are looking for somewhere nice and warm for eye doc school, Texas would be a good choice. You could be my neighbor.

Kim-may said...

Hey! Audrey just let me know the other week that Jason is working at Dr. Mortensens office, I am in the new Idaho Falls Eye Center in Rexburg! I think that is cool that that is what he wants to do. Next time I call Mortensen's I will have to holla at him!

Becca's Blog said...

I can't believe you'll be sleeping on a super pad. You'll have to let us all know how that works out for you. Have fun camping!

Becky said...

I hope you found your way... (I'm not the best at giving directions!!) And I hope you had some yummy campfire food!

camille said...

o, my! i just found your blog and i luff it!

definitely buy really nice sheets, my little sister always says "you spend a third of your life in bed so make it comfortable"

Battfam said...

Burned pizza, you have to go camping on a super pad, finals....Holy sheet! Your life is rough!

Lucy said...

Thanks for the update. Have you tried the new sheets yet??
I really loved this cute little post.

Esther Diehl said...

Three studio classes? That's crazy. How are you finding time to post.

And I hear ya on those sheets. I have to bleach ours every time I wash them cause the husband's side gets so dingy looking?