wooops. crunch.

confession: i ate captain crunch and jerky for lunch and i’m sicker than a dog  i’ve never felt better.

last time i overdid it on captain crunch i couldn't eat it again for about 2 years. (well, maybe i'm exaggerating a tiny. maybe it was 1 year.)
there really is too much of a good thing. i promise.
ok. enough of that. time to get back to life. (and homework. lots of homework.)
p.s. when i went to get my hair done i had my camera in-tow. audrey and i set up a makeshift studio in her front room and mia had a little photoshoot.
go to orchid to check it out.


jasmine said...

captain crunch and beef jerky??? i think you might be a genius, geri!

the only problem with captain crunch is that it scrapes up the roof of your mouth...and jerky can make your jaw hurt pretty bad. but it's really very very worth it.

Audrey said...

YUM! Both sound delich to me right now. Lane and I dipped into his bag last night after we got home and ate almost an entire bag! (please say they were smaller bags?)
Agree with Jasmine on the captain crunch... and they give your teeth a nice film too.
Thanks for taking pics of Little Miss Since Mia Chihoko Muranaka...that is what Cole calls her now.

Lucy said...

Just say no to Captain Crunch! Never liked the stuff. But, a yes to the jerky. Shoulda got me some, too.

Tyrel and Brianne Garner said...

Geri! It took me a long time to figure it out but I think I am currently leaving a comment on your blog....... haha

lauren said...

bwahahaha... That is a hilarious combination! Disgusting...yes but, hilarious! Hope you get feeling better!

P.S. it reminds me of that saying..

"apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze."

I thought apple pie and cheese was nasty together. Maybe like jerky and captain crunch???

dani said...

hey geri. i love your blog! here is the link for handwriting fonts i was telling you about in class:


good luck!