wedding jitters

tomorrow will be my first wedding. and i'm feeling a
titch jittery! a few days ago i did the pre-wedding
shoot for megan and paul and tomorrow is the big day!
ahhhh! i'm not getting cold feet. i'm getting sweaty
hands and the need for more frequent trips to the restroom.
(that's what happens when i get nervous—i have to go
to the bathroom. lots.)

i'm not sure if "nervous" is the right word.

i think anxious is better.

anxious and excited. and looking for a ban˜o. (i can't
make the ˜ go on top of the n. oh well.)

oh, and i had one little question:

if a bike runs you over how much damage could really
be done? keep in mind that these bikes are fa-lying
down the sidewalk (it wouldn't be a little tap is
what i'm trying to say.)

how about a skateboard? (complete with rider – or driver
or whatever you call the person controlling the thing)

i'm maybe a titch scared of walking on the sidewalks to class.


jasmine said...

ooooo! good luck!! you're going to do a fantastic job. i used to be a wedding coordinator, and i know that anxious feeling you're talking about verrrry well. it never went away for me. every single wedding, i was at least a little bit anxious. weddings come with a lot of pressure....shoot, i shouldn't have said that. you'll do great. just great.

and now i want to start using the word "titch" more. :)

the h fam. said...

ger bear, listen here: you're going to do a fabtabulous job!! i can feel it in my bones!! i have total faith in you and you're going to have a blast! good luck!

Cassie said...

Hey, every time you ever played hide & go seek did you have to go potty? Just checking if I was the only one.
Have fun tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about it.
Oh, the bikes & skater people...yes, they can do damage. Even if they hit you and you are also on a bike! Ask Josie about her bike ride last week. Lets just say her bike is in the shop.

Battfam said...

I hope you don't get hit by a biker or skateboarder. Isn't skateboarding illegal on campus. It was when Taylor was there. If you don't know the story, you will have to ask him sometime. You will do great at the wedding. Digital takes some of the fear out of it doestn't it?

Lucy said...

Good Luck....
You're good at what you do, so there you have it.

the hawker's said...

good luck ger!
you're going to do greattttttt!!
can't wait to see those pics!

jason said...

You're awesome honey! With all of these comments I just feel like yelling... GO GERI! Love ya.