today i met a very vocal little robin

then i found this:

and i completely understood.

i never really knew that little baby birds are actually pretty ugly in
the earlier stages of their life.  these little guys (there are 3 of them)
are about a week old and just starting to get fuzzy. and in their
not-so-fuzzy places they are still not that cute. a little creepy in fact.

but i think their mamma thinks they're cute.  she goes crazy to protect them!
(dive-bombing my head in fact.)

ahhh. that motherly instinct.
it's actually really sweet.


Lucy said...

Mom's are like that.

jason said...

When I got home from work last night I saw a couple people getting attacked by this crazy mamma bird. They found it quite amusing. By the way I love your blog it makes me laugh.

Adam,Emily, Paisley, Hayden, and Landon said...

ger I hope jason is fibing about your foot really being hurt.... it was a blast jogging with you yesterday! sorry I held you up the whole time :D hopefully I will do better tomorrow!

jason said...

NO fibs... she might need to get it amputated. We'll see what the doctor says.

I can't believe a crow snatched up one of those little birdies. We might need to put up a scare crow or something.

Bobbi said...

Momma birds are just like human moms. Even though your baby might not be so cute, you still think he/she is darling. That's a good thing! What's with the hurt foot??