kissing & rain

so there has been lots of rain lately.

lots of rain.

bust the rain last night was perfect.
perfect kissing rain.

that was the big thing when i was a 
pre-teen... (meaning in 6th grade. maybe we 
should have been thinking so much about 
kissing in elementry? nah.) that whole 
kissing in the rain thing. it was what my pals
and i giggled about during sleepovers—that and a swift kiss
on ski-lift. those were the two big ones.

and i'm pretty sure we weren't the only ones thinking about rain and kissing.

that's what girls do.
(i think.)

so hopefully there's been a lot of kissing going on these past few days.

p.s. i know that pic isn't exactly in the rain–but 
it's the best smooching pic i've got.


Lucy said...

Hey, I'm pretty old for having not kissed in the rain....or maybe I did and forgot.

lauren said...

There has been a LOT of rain...

But I haven't been kissed any more than usual...

What the heck...

I better hop on that...thanks for the reminder!!! :)

Audrey said...

I forgot about how Jason use to tease you and kiss you and show you pda infront of his and our family! That was funny! You two little love birds.... If it is raining tomorrow when I go pick up Cole from school, I will be looking around campus to see if I see you and Jdawg going at it!

jasmine said...

oh yes - kissing in the rain. it was certainly my favorite scenario to dream about when i was young...still is. i love that picture of you two. it's adorable!