cats and dogs

this was me after returning from 
megan and paul's wedding-reception-extravaganza.

soaking wet.

despite the pouring rain, the wedding was still 
so lovely and the bride and groom were still their 
good-looking-selves and the family was still happy 
and helpful (they smiled when i asked. i like them)
so things still turned out quite nicely.

can i just tell you how nervous i was!
before the wedding i was seriously sick and shaky.
but it turned out great and after the shakes
wore off a little i had myself some fun. i'm so 
grateful i got to be apart of the extra special day.
and i'm happy i had such a handy-dandy helper.
(thanks a mil marge.)

there was one embarrassing moment–when i asked
the bride's brother and sister if they were
together. hmmm. i just wanted to know if i could 
separate them (put one on the other side of the group)

totally innocent.
pretty embarrassed.

pictures from the event will appear on 
orchid someday soon (i hope).

moving on to other things:
here is a little video i came across
over the weekend. somebody rewrote
lyrics to the original "total eclipse
of the heart" music video.

(not too positive this is super appropriate
for all ages. just throwing that out there.)

it made me giggle.
it made jason laugh out loud.
it might brighten up your day a smidge.
or you might just think it's weird.

p.s. thanks for the encouragement everyone.
i think i really needed it!


Lucy said...

Glad things went okay....in spite of the wet and rainy day!
Is this still Idaho with all this rain???

Cassie said...

That was the funniest video! Sadly, I remember when that REAL video was out. Friday Night Videos anyone? Thanks for the laugh.

Glad things went well and that you ended up having fun.

Bobbi said...

sorry you were all soaking wet. :(

Megan said...

Thanks for putting up with the rain!!! People keep telling me it's good luck... We can't wait to see pictures. You're the best!