camping. in tents.

we pretty much roughed it friday night. and jason and i have
come to the consensus that we are in need of an air mattress.
pads don't really cut it. so if we ever want to camp in a tent
again we better get ourselves something a bit more... soft.
(because we're softies.)

and i'm pretty sure i'd never been to lava before. but it sure was
fun! (and pretty.) we went swimming at the water park which
was a party. but the big, new, steep slide did give me some anxiety.

we went there this weekend for a little (or big) family reunion
with tami's (jason's mamma) whole fam. (minus 3 siblings
and their families... i think. there are 12 siblings in the fam,
so naturally i sometimes loose track.) it was lots of fun. i'm so
glad we were able to go, it was good to be with fam we don't get
to see very often.

oh! and jason—i think you're cute.
and isn't the lighting in this photo the bomb??
i think so.


Unknown said...

great photos! really sweet post, sounds like a fun weekend!

Lucy said...

I think Lava looks very fun. We may have some air mattress left over from girls camp and the likes. (since we never were much of a camping family)

Haley and Jon said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. You should come over here this week and go camping with us on Wednesday. We have an air mattress. Lava sounds like a blast. Wish we could have gone.

Bobbi said...

Lucky you to get to go to Lava!! Jason looks pretty darling in that photo...way to go Geri :)

jasmine said...

it's tooootally the bomb! these photos are great! you guys are the cutest!

Cassie said...

Air mattress? I'm thinking a hotel in Pocatello. I'd even be back in time for breakfast with the family! But that is just me.

I think you're cute too, Jason.

Kayleen said...

Geri,your blog is so fun to read!! You're such a cute girl! I told James we need to go to Lava soon. You talked me into it!

annie said...

highly recommend the air mattress. there are also handy dandy air pumps that you can hook up to your battery and not have to hand pump the whole mattress. we love camping! jason you are such a studly muffin. ger you rock the camera thing. i found coop's shoes.

annie said...

the m.i.a. shoes where hidden. found them in the playhouse outdide in the back of a tonka truck. if i wouldn't have moved the house to mow they may've been gone forever. stupid rules in rigby anyway. now if it gets to the outfield wy says "that shoulda been a homerun huh mom". hope they let them run as far as they can next year with pitching machine. are you kids coming to the 4th of july bash at madre's? if you're lucky you may see coop in shoes and hyrum in clothes. we are pretty fancy around here.

lauren said...

Ooh...those photos are so neat! I LOVE lava...and I'm just a little jealous that you got to go on the new slide first. :)

Audrey said...

Hey we are going there too for a Muranaka get together (or atleast we want to)
Jason, you look smoken hot in that photo!
The pic with the two of you is super cute... who was the photographer? Can i get their number to come take some family photo's? hehe jk.
Jason, Mia said she wants to do whatever you decide your doing for the 4th.