yesterday was such a good day.

we remembered our loved ones who have left us.

we went on a nice, long (in-freaking-tense) bike ride.
(bike rides with jason do not = fun, lazy summer fun.
it means let's-get-done-to-business.)

we spent some time with family. (both sides)

and then, last night we went to a movie.

and oh wow was it intense!

by the end i was sweating, my hair was frazzeled,
my stomach in a knot, and i'm pretty sure i twisted my knee.
(not even kidding)


lauren said...

hahahaha...Jake is the same way when it comes to bike rides! He'll start out all chill and pretty soon he's trying to get me to race and soon enough I've convinced him that it's ok to just race the dog and that I'll be fine riding behind a ways. Two seconds later, he's riding circles around me whining...that's basically why we don't go on bike rides very often! :) Oh and I've been pregnant for nine months! :)

Lucy said...

That was an intense movie, but liked it. This may sound insane from a non trekky/non sci-fi, but I even liked Star Trek. We watched it last night.

Battfam said...

Sounds like a great day except for twisting your knee. Just what were you doing during the movie anyway? Maybe the effects of the bike ride just showed up during the movie.