we're not in kansas any more

today i found some bark in my hair.

(image from this darling blog.)

there is probably still some in there.
(i think i'm going to shower the second i push publish.)
not because i was rolling around.
but because bark chunks were flying through 
the air as i was scurrying to class.
(i think it's kinda fun to get a little shove from
the wind when i'm on my way. it's nice.)

i found myself wishing i had a long flowy dress on. 
(long because we all know what happens to short dresses 
in the wind and i want none of that.)

other than that it was just another 
beautiful day in the neighborhood.

p.s. has anyone noticed that the last minute
of a basketball/football/(insert any sport here)
game never really lasts a minute.
you can count on a good fifteen. always.

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Amber said...

The last minute of the game is always the most exciting! So it's good that it lasts 15 instead of just one! But that's just my personal opinion, and only if it is pertaining to football :)