reason 272 why i love my husband.

he gave me these yesterday.
no reason. out of the blue.

(i maybe put a coupon for the local 
floral shop on the counter the other day.
but i thought it was a little bit of a joke.)

he can take a hint.


annie said...

what a well trained man.
geri you've done a great job with that one. especially considering what you had to work with :)
that egbert blood is pretty stubborn

the h fam. said...

way to go jason!!

Bobbi said...

Very sweet! Okay, how much trouble was he in??

Unknown said...

trouble? no trouble.

it was just a nice little surprise.
(a little hint from a coupon from the v-pack)

Haley and Jon said...

That is sweet. I love things like that.

Lucy said...

very lovely.
Thinkiing of pretty flowers; I need someone to water the flowers I bought to plant. What was I thinking buying them this early.......it was that one nice day we had.