my breath is fresh & my clothes are clean

i have been doing laundry today (all morning)
it's hard to get things down to the laundry room (our complex community laundry room - which they have greatly improved. now all washers are working. two died and had to be replaced. don't tell anyone, but i think i may or may not have did one of them in) during a crazy busy week.
now we have clean clothes again and i can't wait to climb into the freshly made bed tonight. (nothing better than clean-fabulous-smelling sheets.)

and let it be known that i made my way to albies yesterday to stock up on groceries and a few essectials. (toothpaste included. no more halitosis coming from this direction.)

i did a marathon-editing-session yesterday to finish up for this couple.
i love photography.
i love meeting new people.
i love capturing personalities and fleeting glances.
i love finding random junk piles.
(as illustrated in the photo above.)
i love it!


jasmine said...

those are great photos!! that couple is going to be verrry pleased with your work. way to go!

i have a difficult time getting laundry done at our building's community laundry room too. it's just up the stairs from us, but there are only two washers and dryers for the whole building (the apartment manager has 5 people living in his small one bedroom, including 2 small children so they are alwaysssss hogging the laundry room - great manager, huh?), and one of them doesn't work consistently. it's eaten my money three times, stopped in the middle of a cycle twice, flooded twice, and doesn't always put clothes through the spin cycle. grrrrr. it's so frustrating. i can't wait to have my own washer and dryer. it seems like the ultimate luxury!

it really doesn't take much to please me. ha!

Cassie said...

The days of the laundry mat. I hated hauling our laundry down the street. When we got out of school, got a job, & moved I announced we had two days worth of clean undies, so if there were more to be found someone had better go buy me a washer & dryer asap.
I remember going in the room it was in (we had a tiny apt) and I would just look and look at them. Ah....the good ol' days. :o)

The bad breath thing was kind of gross. I'm glad you got some toothpaste.

Audrey said...

Yeah, you guys need to start coming over here or going to your inlaws to do your laundry. Well I guess now that it is fixed you are good to go.
Love the pics, cute couple. Where did the pics take place, Menan?
Thanks for coming yesterday and bringing DELISH cookies. I am not sure who enjoyed them more, Becca or me!?