mondays are hard.

i think it's the high intake of sugar sundays bring.
(i end up waking up with a massive sugar hang over
which = getting out of bed impossible.)

so please excuse me while i recover.

oh. and by the way. i love spring time.
i love tulips. i love mothers (happy m-day!).
i love the fresh air and much anticipated sunshine.
but i do not love the watery eyes and sneasy nose.
time to go get some more Zyrtec D.
("d" because it doesn't make you drowsy. you have to
ask for it though because i think some people might
try to use it to make drugs or something like that. 
but you know-who really knows.)


jason said...

those tulips are almost as pretty as those gerber daisies... almost.

Bitter Bags (BB) said...
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Breezie said...

touché to the sugar high....I go comatose from it at about 10pm every sunday night.

Battfam said...

I was thinking about tulips the other day, missing them. And then I cried a little bit.

Bobbi said...

I too am suffering from way too many mint brownies!! Not only from Sunday, but from Monday too. They aren't gone yet, so today might be one of those days too. :)

Lucy said...

There are some beautiful tullips around, that's for sure. Sorry about the allergies. I used to think I gave those to you girls, but it seems like lots of people have it, so maybe it just comes with the territory.