a little greeting from the toyota up front

i wonder if this is a happy little accident
or if the driver (who is older, a little hefty with s&p hair)
is actually sending a greeting to whoever happens
to look upon his behind.

either way. it made me smile.

school has swallowed me whole.
jason is coaching a baseball team.
we are busy. but we like it that way.

i eat yogurt every morning at 7:20
and by 9:30 i am famished again.
i keep running into this problem with 
the quick and easy on-the-go meals.
ahh well. what do ya do?
(i know what you do. you get a few granola bars 
and some nuts and snack on sweets until lunch.
it's a fantastic diet. really working.
kidding. kinda.)

as for the dance class:
a) located some dance pants (thanks rach)
2) really working on that jazz walk
III) who knew someone could get this 
good in two weeks. ha!
(we are learning our first dance - it's to a michael 
jackson song. i'm hoping we break out the moon walk 
somewhere in the middle. who knows. we'll see.)


Audrey said...

You need to post a pic of yourself in the pink hot pants!
That is a cute truck.... I have seen one that said Toy. A little dude drove it too, so I assumed that that was his little run around toy.

teamBoo said...

thanks for your sweet comment :) I am so amazed how many adorable blogs i have found today...including yours.

i can't wait for more time to explore!

have an amazing evening!