i never had a massage before.

before today.

and boy was i nervous!

i've been saving two gift certificates to the day spa for umm,
maybe 3 years! (wow. i know.) but two days ago my mamma
called and said she had a gift certificate herself. so we scampered
on over to the spa this morning. she got a pretty pedicure and
i got a fantastic-full-body-massage. (yes. yes. i just said full-body.)

when they showed me to my locker and told me to change into my
i choked a little bit. yikes! i had a hard time opening that door.

not to worry, i got over my nerves real quick.

it was one of my favorite things—ever!
can i do that everyday?




the h fam. said...

i know aren't they awesome!! i wish i had my own personal massage person who would come over every morning and give me a massage!

Lucy said...

It was a good day.

Caley said...

you are just too cute! it was good seeing you today! we need to do it more often!

Battfam said...

I couldn't tell from the look on your face if the picture was taken before or after you had the massage. Glad you enjoyed it.

Bobbi said...

Sounds like heaven on earth to me!!

Dawn said...

Oooh you are brave. I've always wanted to get a massage, but I'm a bit tickilish so I'm not so sure it would work :) Also I saw you from a distance at the William Joseph concert. Wasn't it awesome? i was gonna start yelling obnoxiously at you, but thought better of it. hehe

Scott and Lindsey said...

A massage is so, so, so worth it.