hot pink dance pants + now i really want a goat

(yes. i was pretty much falling off the spinning computer chair.)

yep. you better believe it. 
these were quite the attention-getters today.
(thanks a mil rach.)

oh. and i don't want just any goat. 
i want a fainting goat
please? pretty please?
i think we could be great pals.


Cassie said...

I just watched a show that had fainting goats on it. Well, it was a month ago or so, and I can't remember what show...but I thought it was pretty cool.
About as cool as your pink pants.

the h fam. said...

haha those goats are funny! i've never heard of such goats!

Battfam said...

Be careful! what are you doing up on the spinning computer chair anyway? Love the pants!

annie said...

i think we should go in together on a mini fainting goat. it can live at my house and whenever you need entertainment you can come see it faint. and whenever it needs entertainment you can come show it how you can balance on a spinning chair while wearing hot pink pants. i think that goat will laugh until it faints. :)
you got real fancy moves miss geri. real fancy.

Unknown said...

what am i doing spinning in the computer chair?? it's the pants actually. they make me feel pretty much invincible. (i think they make me dance much better.)

Caley said...

your blog is adorable (as well as your pink yoga pants!) thanks for sharing your orchid-photo blog with me...you're fantastic! also, thanks for being such a great friend. hope to see you soon!

Audrey said...

Geri... I wanna see those pants solo with no shorts on top! Come on, ya know ya wanna!

Unknown said...

nope. don't wanna.
and you don't wanna me too eitha!