a few things

this week i learned (or re-learned) a few things. and i thought i would share:

i really really really don't like cup of noodles. and i mean really.  i forgot a little bit about dinner the other day (i know - what the??) and by the time i realized i was pretty dang hungry it was late. so i took a little walk to the food storage shelf  (it's actually a little bookcase) and the only quick and easy option was creamy chicken or beef. (where did all the roman go?)
i've never really had cup of noodles before. (again. i'm a roman girl. pork.) and i've gotta say, they are super gross! even for food storage.

i think i should put some tweezers in my car. the reason being: i don't ever really get a good look at my eyebrows until i'm in my car. (plus there is no hiding extra hairs in the natural light.) so i'm thinking that if i keep some tweezers in the car i might actually end up plucking my eyebrows. (that would be good.) and they might come in handy as self defense some scary night in a dark alleyway. (well. maybe i should put one of jason's baseball bats in there if i'm thinking about that type of thing.)

benjamin button is a very long movie. (not that i haven't already heard that) we couldn't even finish it in one night. (but we sort of liked it. even if i thought it was a little creepy in just a few places.) and we watched glee (fox's new series) yesterday and i gotta say it was pretty dang good! maybe my newest fave.

i can't think of anything quite as nice as laying on a blanket in the park with some homework. sunshine makes all things doable. (usually)  infact. i think i'm going to grab myself a blanket and head to a park right now. and i think i'll take my camera because whenever i look at eye poetry i always feel the urge to go on a little adventure with my lenses.

and. i think that's it.


Caley said...

i totally agree with you on the tweezers thing...but its really hard to do with the car moving. you have to be parked. ;)

the hawker's said...

yes, i, too have been noticing my scraggly eyebrows.

in fact, after staring at them in the car yesterday for a couple hours i took some tweezers to them and cleared up that mess pretty quick.

i now try to keep them on me at all times. good goal, right?

Dawn said...

I watched Glee as well and I think it will be one of my favorites. Are you excited that So You think you can dance started again?