dear jason,

happy birthday!

you're cute and funny and nice and my very best friend.

good luck with your baseball game tonight (coach!)

and watch out for that bad thumb of yours.

(he jammed his thumb pretty bad last time. i had to 
cut his finger nails for him today because of the whole
thumb thing. it's pretty sad actually. but it's not broken.
and i don't mind cutting his finger nails - it only made
me a tiny bit nervous. that's all.)


Becca's Blog said...

Haaaaaaaaaappy Birthday Jason! I don't really know you that well, but Geri tells us that you are "cute and funny and nice" and she knows you pretty well so she must be right. Have a good one.

the hawker's said...

happy happy birthday jason dear! happy days will come to you all year! if i had a wish then it would be...a happy happy birthday to you from me!

jasmine said...

happy birthday to your husband!!

and yikes about his thumb! i hope it gets better soon so that he can go back to cutting his own nails.

Cassie said...

Our biggest wishes for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jason.
Sorry your thumb hurts. Glad it isn't your bum that hurts.

(no, really)

Battfam said...

Hope it's a good day and a great year.

Lucy said...

Yes.....Happy Birthday to Jason..
(hey, how old are you)

jason said...

I'm 23... what of it?

Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday to you Jason! We hope you had a great one.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Jason... Man you're getting old... before you know it you'll be turning the big 3-0... Now that's really old!! hehe
I'm trying to make myself feel better!! I hope you had a great day!!

annie said...

Jason the boys say happy birthday. They want to know if Uncle Geri can come play. Really, they just called her that. I started laughing and Wyatt said "you know Uncle Geri, she has that really pretty dress with the flowers" no idea what he;s talking about. Sorry Ger. Jason are you honestly one of those people in the world that I truly adore!! We'll invite you guys over this summer, especially now that Shorty Tuckett (the boys mini) is home again. Love you crazies!!!!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Big Red.... sure love ya!!
Now get on over here and get yourself a trim!