up in here, up in here

we moved. (across the sidewalk. it's a 2 bedroom and we feel like we have upgraded to a freaking mansion! it's a miracle.)
jason so generously passed his nasty throat bug on to me. (i'm not swallowing very well these days. it hurts.)
i was able to do an engagement sitting with Megan and Paul. (so fun)
and we played a pretty intense game of lazer tag.

it's been a pretty eventful little break so far.

now we need to settle in. (a nice way of saying put all our crap where it needs to be and not all over our floor and living space.)
i need to make a few lovely little things for a few lovely people in my life.
and several hours of editing photos. (from the engagement sesh. pretty pumped about that.)
make burritos to freeze in prep for the upcoming semester. (it promises to be a doozy.)
buy a desk. 
buy a bookshelf. 
buy more throat lozenges.
(sometimes i say "throat lossengers" just to bug jason. it makes me giggle.)

hmmm. this sorta turned into a have-done/to-do list.
woops. ahh well.


Becca's Blog said...

Fantastic. I'm glad to hear you got the two bedroom. Now I'll for sure add you to my "summer of homelessness-people to stay with" rotation list. It will be a great summer. Remember, the competition for best host/hostess is going to be tough. I hope you're ready!

jasmine said...

congratulations on your new place! we would be ecstatic to find ourselves in a 2 bedroom!! (we're in a studio now)

good luck getting your to-do list done and yayyyy for finishing your finals!

Kim-may said...

yay for not being in school again.
also. is that picture from your house? because i hate you if so. (hate as in the jealous good way). I love that little rooster thing.

Lucy said...

Hope you get better before Monday. I can hear the school bell ringing for you.
Glad you got more space. Nice to have somewhere to put things.

Audrey said...

PERFECT! Now we can have slumber parties at your house! RAVE at the EGBERTS! Don't worry, I will get the flyers out asap!
I was going to stop and see ya today but when I chatted with ya, you sorta sounded sick.... so I hopped on the highway instead of stopping at Big Yella...next time for sure I will stop though!

Unknown said...

why yes that is my house and that chicken came straight from Joanne's. they are lovely little numbers. go get yourself one!

Cassie said...

Don't you just love going to JoAnn's? They have good sales.
Hope you feel better.