today was a good day.

and it is still being a good day.

it's one of my favorite times of the year
because one of my favorite things to look forward to
has come around again.

i love listening to general conference.
i love the uplifting words and the encouragement.

we also (finally) went grocery shopping.
and tonight i am (finally) making a good dinner.
the oh-so-delicious sweet&sour meatballs (fave!)

what a good day!

p.s. it's funny how during finals we start to hate deli-meat sandwiches, corn dogs, and taco bell.


Lucy said...

I hope I can stay up tonight long enough to watch conf. It's always just what we need. Glad it didn't snow on us today, and it was sunny. (even though it was windy.

Bobbi said...

sorry you had to eat corn dogs. that is sad. I hope the meatballs turned out to be delicious! I too am going to watch conference tonight. I better get right on it.

Becca's Blog said...

I'm with you, I heart General Conference too!

Carol said...

I love conference weekend too. Of coarse I love the great messages but I also love sleeping in, laying around in pajamas all day (weekend) and munching and eating all day. Nothin better than conf weekend.

jasmine said...

that's such a cute photo of you two! :)