so i bought a leotard

and now i'm looking for dance pants.

i'm in beg. jazz.
i've only been to one class 
and i can already do lots and lots of stuff!

i do sashays. 
i do podobo rays.
i do the jazz walk.
(you should get a load of my jazz walk!)

where exactly might i find some dance pants? i guess they need to be pretty tight (yeeks!) and i just don't have tight pants. (not really my style actually.)


Becky said...

I have bought that type of stuff gor Zo from Target, Walmart, and for really cheap you can sometimes find them on Ebay!!

Becky said...

for not gor!! I hate when I catch spelling mistakes after I post the comment!!

the h fam. said...

i have the SWEETEST hot (we're talking fluorescent) pink dance pants you can borrow if you'd like! these babies are skin tight but they're sexy! they'd probably be really long on you but they're tight enought that i can bunch them up on my thigh and they stay so you could do that! all the rest of mine are too worn for you to wear, but the pink ones might be too good of a deal to pass up! in fact i'm going to go see if i can locate them right now, just in case you call me with the request! let me know!!!!!!!!

Haley and Jon said...

I am pretty sure you have a couple of sister-in-laws that have been dancing pretty much their whole life that you could ask where to get some dance pants. I don't know, just an idea.

Unknown said...

wow, rach!
i think i would love to wear me some hot pink dance pants!
i'm so pumped.

hey, did you dance??

(pretty sure they might stick out just as much as my jazz walk.)

Elder Kenny Brown said...

And don't forget leg warmers!

Audrey said...

I can't wait to see you in Rachel's hot pink ones..... rock the pants geri!

Unknown said...

I usually bought everything from Capezio...there were a few off-brands I would use on occasion but for dance clothing, esp. leotards I always used Capezio. ABT was my favorite...mmm....I'm missing spandex now.