in the middle of everything

i have been noticing a bit of a trend on campus:

blonde hair (at least lots of high lights and at least below shoulders)
with a cluster of hot pink locks underneath on the right side.

always on the right side.

i'm kinda wondering if this could be a gang sign?
(maybe not very likely. but. you never know.)

i know that little hints of pink or purple has been  a cool/trendy thing for a while. but i haven't seen it lately. and i have never really noticed it here. AND i'm not understanding this uniform-right-side business.

and another thing i have noticed - blind guys.
i'm not trying to be politically-incorrect here. promise.
i've just seen four in the period of one week.
(i know they're blind because they have sticks.)

p.s. we are out of toothpaste.
i knew i needed more than just milk at the grocery.
and toothpaste most certainly does expire folks.
(i experienced that last night. guuuhhh.)

p.p.s. i know the photo really has nothing to do with
the subject discussed. but i typed in pink hair
and this is what i found on the very first page.
and who couldn't use a bit of marilyn once in a while?
does anyone else think she looks a bit stoned?
(image found here)


Becca's Blog said...

What? You guys have been out of toothpaste since YESTERDAY??? SICK.

Unknown said...

no we are literally scraping the very last morsel out of the old one.

(you have to squeeze so hard it really hurts your fingers actually.)

and we've got mouth wash.

Lucy said...

Bakins soda works too, ya know.
I think Marilyn Monroe had problems with her problems and never had understood the hype.

Bobbi said...

You always did struggle getting those teeth brushed regularly. That might say why you have stale toothpast??? :)

Unknown said...

rude. rude dudes.
i like brushing my teeth.


i got some toothpaste from mom (she gave me some of her extra toothpaste because she had too much) and the last one we had was from March '08.

(i knew i was opening a can of worms on this one. dang.)

Chandler Myers said...

hmmmm.. odd..
must be a freshman thing.