"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

i put my time management class off until the very very very last second.
ironic, isn't it?

it's online. 
not that that's a great excuse. but come on. 
internet classes just aren't the same.
not sure why.
i think it's the lack of accountability that happens somewhere in the middle of not having someone standing in front of you each day hammering you on what you should be doing every second of your life.
yeah. i think that's it.
i can't handle it.

i really need to make better use of my time.
this class has pretty much been one big guilt trip.
life's rough.

moral: don't sign up for time management classes unless you really plan to manage your time AND sometimes you get a break and find hot pink sunglasses for $5. when that happens the only thing to do is scoop them up. right? 
(i love them. had to have 'em. jason - well, refuses to look at me with them on. you could say he hates them.)
p.s. i trimmed my bangs all by my own self two days ago. my sissie/hair-dresser described (in detail) how i should go about such things. i think they might have turned out to be curtains hanging over my eyes. ah well.


the hawker's said...

um... yeah, still not done with my time management class (or the textbook one... eek!). did you finish finish? did you teach the lesson? boy, this sucks.

i'll tell you what: we deserve a reward. with all the hard work we've put into this i'd say we need to treat ourselves to something delish. cold stone? cocoa bean? i'd be fine with it...

Lucy said...

those glasses must be big, if we're only getting one eye at a time in the pic.
time management?? Did someone make you sign up for that one?

Audrey said...

mom, your comment made me laugh out loud!
geri, watch and learn next time we do a session on your bangs...than you too will be a professional.

the h fam. said...

i've been cutting my own bangs for years now and i still haven't learned my lesson. everytime i do it i hate them and have to go get them fixed..now i'm trying to grow them out and am tempted to cut them again.

jasmine said...

i'm taking 2 online classes this semester too and totally know what you mean. it is so hard for me to do any work for them. they just don't feel real or like they matter at all. semester's halfway over though!